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Careers in Coal

Professions to Explore in Coal The Canadian coal industry offers a wide range of careers that support mining operations and the industry as a whole. Skilled professionals such as engineers, geologists, technologists and equipment and logistics specialists are in high demand as are professions

Durham Mining Museum Mining Occupations

See also Modern Mining Occupations — a list of Occupations and Job Descriptions from 1967. This information is taken from the following sources: An 1825 description by E. Mackenzie of the Northumberland coal mines, "the following is a brief enumeration of the employments, and a few technical terms peculiar to coal-miners"

Jobs, occupations and careers Mining Industry Careers

The emphasis is on the professions which are most essential to the industry, such as mining, engineering in the mechanical, electrical and metallurgical fields, as well as surveying and geology. Manpower Management / Personnel Training: At the mines, training and industrial relations reside under the personnel function.

Working Underground: Men and women coal miners

2021-3-10  In 2004, 51 miners died in U.S. mines. Twenty-eight of the 51 died in coal mines. Compared to other professions, coal mining’s record is much better. In 2004, there were 1,224 construction-worker deaths; however, there are more workers in the construction trades than coal mining.

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Working in coal mining has been one of the most dangerous professions in our nation's history. Although advancements in technology and safety regulations have helped, mine fires, explosions, and cave collapse still occur and cause serious injuries and loss of life. In the past decade, 450 people have died in mining accidents, many of them in

(PDF) An Analysis of the Coal Mining Industry in the

The coal mining industry is a vital economic sector for many countries including the United States (US). Coal is the primary fuel for electricity generation in the US and it is the cheapest and

Statistical analysis of fatalities in underground coal

Coal mining is considered as the most dangerous professions since it contains a high number of accidents and fatalities of mine workers around the world. Keeping in view this problem, safety

Mining: The Most Dangerous Job? ABC News

2010-4-6  More than 2,600 Chinese coal miners died in accidents last year, which was an improvement over the 6,995 deaths recorded in 2002, the most dangerous