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Mineral Lease and Coal Lease Sample Contracts and

Kentucky-Breathitt County Coal Mining Lease Falcon Coal Company Inc. (Jul 30, 1979) West Virginia-Webster, Nicholas and Braxton Counties Coal Lease M-B Partners Ltd. and ANR Coal Development Co. (Oct 14, 1977) Saudi Arabia-Al Masane Mining Lease Agreement Saudi Arabia and Arabian Shield Development Co. (Jul 2, 1972)

Mineral Lease and Coal Lease Agreement Template

A mineral lease and coal lease agreement explains the terms and conditions related to the mineral and coal mining operations on public or private lands. This document gives authority to lease public or private land for developing different types of minerals and coal

Kentucky-Breathitt County Coal Mining Lease Falcon

1979-7-30  COAL MINING LEASE THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this 30th day of July, 1979 by and between EVELYN C. BACH, a Widow, of 2375 Ohio Boulevard, Terre Haute, Indiana, 47803; MARY FRANCES MARSHALL AND VINCENT MARSHALL, her husband, of 1177 Leavitt, Apt. 105, Flossmere, Illinois, 60422; NANCY PILLON, divorced and not remarried, of 2375 Ohio

Coal Lease Agreement

2017-10-12  EXHIBIT 10.3 . COAL LEASE . THIS LEASE made and entered into this 20th day of April 2010, is by and between: (i) Ranger Energy Investments, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Lessee”); and (ii) National Coal Corporation, a Tennessee corporation (“Lessor”).. W I T N E S S E T H: . That for and in consideration of the payments herein provided and the performance and observance


2017-9-23  TO THAT MINING LEASE. BY AND BETWEEN. NEVADA NORTH RESOURCES (U.S.A.), INC. AND. MIRANDA U.S.A. Inc. COAL . The following unpatented lode mining claims: Claim Name BLM-NMC Loc. Date County Book Page. Coal 1 847957 24-May-03 Eureka 361 279. Coal 2 847958 24-May-03 Eureka 361 280. Coal 3 847959 24-May-03 Eureka 361 281

Contract Mining Agreement Download Word & PDF

Contract mining agreement is the contract between two parties, who are the owner of the mine and the contract miner. The owner of coal mine or any other mineral mine can engage a second party to work as an independent contractor in his mine.

Draft Co-development Agreement for Simultaneous Coal

2017-4-3  Coal Mining Lease (CML) means a mining lease granted for mining of coal under Mines and Minerals (Regulations and Development) Acts1957 and Coal Bearing Areas (CBA) Act, 1957 for Govt. companies. 1.7. Licensee/lessee of Block means Party to whom Block has been allotted either

Leases: Mineral & Placer Titles Province of British

A lease is the production tenure for mining. A claim allows the holder to explore and develop the mineral or placer mineral resource, and contains a production limit for mineral claims of 1,000 tonnes of ore in a year from each unit in a legacy claim or each cell in a cell claim, and for placer claims of 20,000 cubic metres of pay dirt from each legacy claim or a cell claim in a year.

Renewal guideline (Minerals and Coal)

2020-11-30  for a sample of a Statement of reasons for not applying for a mining lease *Only applies to a mining lease for mineral or coal, where there is an existing condition on the resource authority that prohibits it being renewed. When your original resource authority was granted, it may have been subject to a condition that it could