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Worldwide Dolomite Industry to 2025 Increasing

Increasing Demand from Cement Industry . Dolomite is used as aggregate in portland cement concrete which is used for roads, buildings, and other structures and in combination with bituminous

Dolomite (Industrial) Refer also to Limestone (Industrial)

2021-3-10  Dolomite has significance as an industrial mineral in number of industries. In the steelmaking industry it is used as a flux and for manufacture of refractories for basic open earth furnaces. Bessemer converters and steel ladles; in cement manufacture of

Dolomite Its Processing and Application in Iron and

Fig 1 Uses and form of dolomite in iron and steel industry. Processing of dolomite. Dolomite after its mining has to undergo several processing before it can be used in various processes. The basic processes in the production of dolomite are (i) quarrying of raw dolomite, (ii) preparing mined dolomite for its use by crushing and sizing, (iii

Dolomite an overview ScienceDirect Topics

By contrast, dolomite may dissolve much Fe (such a dolomite would not be used in glass industry), but hardly any excess Ca. Thus, a natural glass-grade dolomite always contains at least two kinds of phase, i.e. Mg-saturated limestone and Ca-saturated dolomite.

Limestone and Dolomite and their Use in Iron and

Dolomite in iron and steel industry is normally used in three forms. These are (i) raw dolomite which is also the natural form of dolomite, (ii) calcined dolomite, and (iii) sintered dolomite. When dolomite is used as a fluxing material then it is used as either raw dolomite or calcined dolomite.


2018-10-10  Dolomite is also used in paints, wall putty, ceramics, plastic industry, glass industry and fillers in detergents. Its use improves properties such as weathering action, reduces shrinkage, fissure development and water absorption. Dolomite powder can also be used as admixture, admixtures are chemicals which are added to